Thursday, 6 August 2015

Mini adventures ahoy!!

One of the most exciting things I have tried to do this summer is to go on mini adventures with my boys. The summer is a time to relax, to enjoy a break and to spend some time together. But sometimes the summer can come and go as quickly as anything, and you can end up in September wondering what you did.

Last year I tried to 'fix' this problem by making a 'Summer Bucket List' but it caused more trouble than it was worth. I felt pressure to adapt our activities to tick something off the list and sometimes it went drastically wrong and I ended up being so cross - mostly with myself for trying to control everything. 

Then I read Sarah Mae's new book 'Longing for Paris' and some of the fantastic blog posts where she discussed some of her book, and I realised I had it all wrong. 

Life isn't about planning every minute detail but about taking what you've been given in your life and making it amazing. It's about taking everyday circumstances and having an adventure. Its taking joy in little moments and making memories with those you love. Its about bringing your dreams into your reality wherever you happen to be. 

So this summer we went with the flow  - not planning too much - and we've had the best summer ever so far! 

I wanted to take part in things with my kids rather than just watch, making mini adventure memories as we went along, so this year I've done some archery, some target shooting, went on a scary ride by myself and even went swimming - yes I voluntarily went swimming - several times!!!  :) 

We took an impromptu 4 day holiday with my mum and dad and loved every minute - even the long drive there and home! And we enjoyed football camp and time with friends down in Fivemiletown. 

Today I challenge you to learn to take joy in the everyday and to see the mini adventures all ready to happen! 

This is something I've enjoyed learning - especially in this season where I'm trying desperately to learn how to balance all the different areas of my life. 

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