Friday, 25 September 2015


So I wanted to share my journey over the last while with you - the one that started with a call for volunteers to help Sarah Mae to do research for a new book. If you know me at all you will know that I LOVE reading, I LOVE books by my favourite authors and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE being involved in launch teams. So this sounded even better!! 

I signed up immediately and was delighted to be one of the chosen group. At this point I need to say something - this group of ladies that Sarah Mae chose - what a beautiful and godly set of women - it has been such a joy to be able to follow them, chat with them and become friends with them. They may mostly life in the States, but I'll meet them someday and I'm excited for that!!! 

So our first challenge was a creative one - after being given six 'sub-titles' she asked us to create an image board where we'd write down some ideas, plans and anything to inspire us. I am going to share mine in detail with you, but I also want to share a couple of others designs too. As we were in a private group I don't want to share the other girls' actual boards, so I'm sharing a few Pinterest boards - to show you how abstract and individual this process is. There is no right answer. There is no wrong way. It's a personal journey between you and God, so go have fun and create!! 

My board : 

And a few other ideas: 

You can use colour, pictures, fabric, Bible verses, quotes, journaling - anything you want!! 

Next week I'll take you through my original board and explain how it has helped me over the last year, and then I'll reveal my new board and tell you how it will help me as I plan my next 6 months. And I'll have a couple more examples!! 

The funniest thing about this - when we got into it, God changed Sarah Mae's ideas into a book - Longing for Paris - and a course - Longing for Life - so we got to be involved with two amazing things instead of just one!! 

See you tomorrow!!
Keep shining xx 

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