Monday, 21 September 2015

Longing for life...

I know it’s been a while since I wrote – I feel as if I’m starting all over again!! But this last couple of weeks has been a hectic time! Since I last wrote a proper blog post I have started back at school, been admitted to hospital for my gallbladder surgery and have been ‘enjoying’ some quiet time at home as I attempt to get over this and get back on my feet!
So I have had a lot of time to think about what I want to do with my life, my blog and what I need to do to balance it all out. It’s a topic I’ve been thinking about for ages – I’ve mentioned trying to be more balanced, living out my priorities, loving my life and having lots of mini adventures right where I am!!
So I’ve decided to take the next 6 months and really focus on my life, how I live it and how I can integrate God’s Word into it in a much more practical way. But first I want to share something very exciting with you.
Last month I shared that Sarah Mae’s new book ‘Longing for Paris’ had been released. Well this month she has something equally as amazing out! She has written and recorded a video course called ‘Longing for life’ – and it is fantastic!! Here’s the blurb from her website -
Do you ever find yourself saying,
“I wish I could get my life together”?
I created this course, Longing for Life, to inspire you to live an unregrettable life, one that on the arc of it all you chose it. You didn't stay stuck, or let people-pleasing or fear or lies hold you back. See it matters how we live and the choices we make because God has a purpose for us on this earth, and if we are stuck in past wounds or pain or fear, we are not truly free. When you are healed and free you will bring relief to a weary world...and to your own children.
I'd love for you to journey with me as we long for life...full, faithful, satisfied, unregrettable life.
Please go over to the site - – and have a look round. As well as the excellent teaching, you have to watch for the beautiful location, the fabulous clothes and there is even a blooper reel – it’s hilarious!!!
But on a more serious note, Sarah Mae is one of the most honest, transparent writers that I have read, and I love her books. She has such a heart for women and for helping us to see part lies, overcome pain and live our lives for the glory of the Father, enjoying each and every moment. I was privileged, and I mean totally privileged, to be part of an online group that helped her with this course. When I say helped, she gave us challenges, which literally changed our lives, as she wrote the course, and we all fell in love with it and her! It has been amazing, and I am hoping to share some of the gems I have discovered with you, over the next week. It ties in to the aim of my next 6 months so perfectly, and I really hope it will help you as much as it’s helping me!
Keep shining xx

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