Thursday, 1 October 2015


I know I was going to share more about my inspiration boards but guess what... It's that time again. The month of October is traditionally the month that bloggers all around the world link up and write a "31 days of..." series. And every year I start with the greatest of intentions, only to fall a couple of days into it!! 

So while I am really excited about doing it again - or at least attempting it - I'm also realistic enough to know that I won't be posting every day, and while I'd love to do one of the many series ideas running through my head, I'm just going to share a few verses and what they mean to me. I'll also be sharing more about the boards during the month!! :) 

So my first verse that I want to share is this. 

In the chapters running up to this we read about Isaac and Rebekah having their twins, Jacob and Esau, and learn how they fought and bartered over their birthright. Then, at the start of this chapter then, there is another severe famine which causes Isaac to move. As he moves, he has plans in his head - plans he is thinking about and that he has mapped out - he's  going to take the family to Eygpt and settle there... But God has other plans. 

God speaks very clearly and tells him to STOP. He tells him that he is to stay where he is because this is where God was going to fulfil His promises - this was where He was going to honour His promise to Abraham. God had big plans for Isaac and his wee family, bigger than even Isaac could imagine. 

I don't know about you but I often set up my own plans and map them out in my head - exactly as I want them to go, and exactly how I think will work best. But the best times in my life are, without a doubt, when God comes in and says "STOP! This is where I want you and this is what I want you to do, " 

I have so many examples I could share with you, but I want to tell you about the time I was doing too much, trying to do every idea that came into my head, and not really letting God have any control - even though it was all ministry - for Him!! I wasn't really listening to His still small voice, so He came and said "STOP" in a way that was very noticeable! Everything I was doing - and I mean everything - stopped within a week or two, and all for reasons totally beyond my control. God had my attention and it was one of the best and most exciting times in my life as I regained my perspective and really found out what He wanted me to do! 

So next time you are tempted to over-plan or go off on a tangent by yourself, remember that God's plans are always better and if you don't listen, He will get your attention in some way!! 

Keep shining xx 

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