Monday, 30 November 2015

Tis the season....

I am so excited!!! I know I haven't been posting much (that's a story for another day) but it's Christmas and I can now officially play Christmas music around the house!! Eeeek!! And I've so much fun and mischief planned for the next couple of weeks I'm too excited to sleep!! 

But first - lets calm everything down a touch and remember why we're celebrating and why we need to be a wee bit more mindful this year than we've ever been before. 

You see this year I have two children in my house who are very excited to have a visit from Santa on Christmas Eve (Yes we do that and yes they know there is an almighty difference between him and God) and we've been thinking about how to approach their Christmas lists. They are tempted, as many are, to write a list that includes an Xbox One, a laptop and a new iPad mini - yep that's one list!!! - but they are also kind-hearted enough to know that they can't ask for all of that when there are so many in our world who won't get anything. There is so much need in the world today - more than at any other time, with the number of wars, refugees and lack of basics like food and water. There will be so many children who won't get anything on Christmas morning, never mind the latest gadgets. 

So we've taken the 'receiving' and turned it to 'giving'. We have taken their Christmas lists and made them into wish lists for others as well as themselves. 

We decided last year that we'd try something a little different and we asked them to put something for someone else down on their list, and we were delighted with what happened. Each of our boys (and we have two that 'believe' and two older ones) had a look at the Compassion Ministry gift books that comes out each Christmas, and the first thing they put on their list was a gift for someone else. 

One boy picked to send a food parcel out to a family in Africa. Another sent a set of Malaria testing kits out.  A third sent solar lights out to a village and the fourth bought a goat!! 

They knew they only allowed to write down four things on their list - and these were right at the top. Had we talked about giving and keeping the real meaning of Christmas? Yes. Had we forced them to do this? No way. They took our idea of something small and rolled with it - and would have bankrupted us in the process if we hadn't curtailed them!!

So why am I boasting about my wonderful boys yet again? To remind you of what a great mum I am? Hahaha!!! Yeah right!!! Not a chance of it! If my boys are loving and have a heart for giving its straight from our Heavenly Father. And that's why I'm sharing it with you.

You see right from the start we need to keep Christ in Christmas, keep the real meaning - God's love come down in His precious Son - at the forefront of our minds, and make sure that we don't get all caught up in the season that can make, break, unite and cripple families. Let's put away our joy of presents under the tree and see how we can make this year a giving extravaganza, magnifying God's love above everything else. 

And not that I've said that I'll probably go a little mad, but sure how else do you share Christmas cheer?? 


Keep shining xx 

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