Saturday, 13 February 2016

Eat Pray Love

Well it's the round up of my week time :) The time when I think about what I've done and what I've really loved this week.  


This week I've been trying to start a challenge - a personal challenge I set myself with regards to eating little or no sugar - and it's been disastrous. Yet again my lack of willpower won over my desire to be the best version of me. But I will not be beaten!!! This week coming I'm off on a half-term break and we've lots to achieve in the house - changing rooms, decluttering and setting up new routines for the boys. It will be a busy week but also, I hope, a week to try new things - new recipes, new tastes and new ingredients. AND I got this so it'll be good to try!!!

So I'll be sure to have lots of photos of my attempts to share with you next week!!!


This week my spiritual life has been a little lacking. The main purpose of this blog is to encourage women to shine for God, and part of my remit is to be honest and share my life with you. Well this week it's been hard. I could tell you that it's because I've been dosed, and not sleeping well at nights, I've been sleeping in and not had time, but I have time in the afternoons so that would be a lie. I could tell you that I've been so busy that it just kinda got lost in the mix but I could have 'squeezed' it in somewhere if I'd wanted to. 

No, the truth is that this week I've been struggling with a chaotic mind and most days I've lay down in bed and thought 'oh crap - I didn't do my quiet time today'. On a positive note I'm glad I noticed. But on a negative note I know that if I let it continue that will soon disappear too. So this week in back to setting my alarm, getting up and getting it done!! I know how much I get out of it and I know how it settles me for whatever the day brings. So here's to another go at getting up early!! 


It's been weeks one and two of my birthday celebrations - I turn 40 at the end of the month!!! I am determined to hit 40 with a bang!!! So these past two weeks I went out for dinner with two great friends, cut my hair cut and coloured, ordered some brilliant cookbooks to try and some much needed pretty matching lingerie - a basic need!!! 

My new hair!! 

So that's my week! Overall its been a quiet week, especially since I've been fighting a lovely cold, but this week is half-term so I've plenty of time to get back on my feet! See you all next week.
Keep shining!

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