Saturday, 2 July 2016

Bracelet love

I'm back - well for a bit at least!!! 

And to start off I thought I'd post something very light hearted and something I love... my Nomination bracelet! 

I was given my bracelet (and several of my charms) by a lovely bunch of girls that I do life with, for my 40th birthday this year. 

My girls are a crazy bunch of individuals who I go to church with, meet for coffee with, go to conferences with, read books with, and more importantly than anything, pray with and for each and every day. They have kept me sane in the midst of madness and I am so very thankful for every single one of them. They are my posse and we truly do life together. 

And yes - I turned 40 - it's a big one but I'm embracing it with the passion of a man and his mid-life crisis!! 

(*Minus the sports car or motorbike!! I'm sticking more to getting more massages and having fun with friends and family!)

But back to the bracelet - every charm I have is significant and I thought I'd share some of my lovely charms. 

See - told you it would be a nice light post!!! 

First come my fortieth charms - when I got my bracelet it came with some beautiful charms, all lovingly picked out by my girls. 

Because they are my wonderful FRIENDS!! 👍🏻

For my 40th birthday - a lovely cake!!! 🎂

Because my name is Tanya... 

Because I LOVE SHOES!!! 👠

And lastly a cross because our friendship is all the stronger for being based on our faith in God. 📖✝🙏🏻

And since then I got a couple more extremely special charms. I decided not to go daft and buy loads - I just wanted to get ones that were special to me, and that's exactly what I have. 

My husband and I took a lovely break in Italy to celebrate both of us turning 40 so this special charm reminds me of him  ❤️

I'm extremely proud to be Irish, especially when you see how amazingly both sets of football fans have been during the Euros!! So I got a little Irish clover!! 🍀

And then I got this one bought for me by another wonderful friend - 

You may have noticed that I talk a lot about butterflies - they just show God's amazing plans in action and I love that!! So a big thank you for this reminded of God's plan for my life!! 

And that's it for now. We did arrange that we'd all get a charm to remember the great conference we go to each February, but I haven't got mine yet!!! I'll show you it all when I eventually get it!! 

Thanks for staying with me - it's long winded but a fun piece to get me writing again. There's been so much going on that I want to share but I've struggled to write it all down! So this is definitely a start!! 

Speak again soon. 
Keep shining xx 

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