Saturday, 4 March 2017

Eat Pray Love

This week was Pancake week as we made pancakes in school for Pancake Tuesday, had a whole load of beautiful pancakes at Mum & Dad's that evening and even had the P7s make them in cookery club on Friday! I do love pancakes and they are especially nice when they are as soft as the ones I had this week!!! So to Karen and Dad I say a big massive thank you... you made my week!! 

This week has been a great week. I have been enjoying a new app I got which has really helped me to get my quiet times with God back on track. I enjoy studying God's Word - but I also wanted something that I can quickly start my day with - something to ensure my first thoughts go to Him. So I downloaded the iBelieve app which has a devotional, a verse for the day and other articles I can read. It then means I can carve out a proper time later to continue with my main study right now. I'm working through week one of Lysa TerKeurst's "Finding I Am" and it's amazing!! I would highly recommend it - especially if you watch the accompanying videos! It's brought the Bible to life again for me and made so much more sense of things I thought I knew. 

What else did I love this week?? Well - Thursday was World Book Day - and you all know how much I love reading!! We were dressing up in school so I got a lovely Where's Wally outfit - Wanda actually - and wore my stripey tights with pride!!! It was a really fun day - even though we celebrated on Friday as the school was closed on Thursday! All our wee P1s dressed up in costumes ranging from Disney Princessess to Red Riding Hood, and from Superheros to Harry Potter. Here's a wee photo of my lovely stripes!!! 

And that was my week! I'm so excited to be blogging again and even though I may not be as 'deep' as I have been in the past I hope you enjoy them as I get going again! A good mix never hurt anyone and variety certainly is the spice of life!!! 

Keep shining xx 

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