Wednesday, 31 August 2016

G is for...

Yeah we're talking about gratitude today!! So... why gratitude and why today? Well we've reached the 'G' in our alphabet (surprise surprise!!) but it's the perfect time because I've got the perfect challenge for you all. 

Having a heart of gratitude really does change everything. There is a reason why so many people do "Gratitude Challenges" - like my #100daysofgratitude Instagram challenge - or why Ann Voscamp's "1000 blessings" is so popular - we have finally figured out that when we are grateful and thankful life gets a little brighter, a little more rewarding and a little nicer! Being thankful takes the mundane and turns into something to rejoice in. Like this picture I found - I'm afraid I don't know who write it but it's so very true... 

This week marks the return to school for most of us. All my boys start back this week, while we as a staff started back last week to prepare for the new school term. Teachers are an amazing group of people and as a parent I've adopted a simple task each September to share my thoughts with them. 

In Northern Ireland were not really into 'teacher questionnaires' or things like that, but I wanted to let the teachers know that I'm there to help if they need me. And so I started writing little letters to them. 

Now there's nothing exciting about my letters - I'm sure lots of people write letters to the teachers, especially if your child has a few issues that you want them to be aware of, or if there's certain family situations going on, but my notes are different. 

I want the teachers my boys have this year to know that I am there to help if they need things for their classrooms or if they need buns etc, and I want them to know that I'm on their team as they teach and spend 30 hours a week with my child. I want them to know that I trust them, and that I'll back them up if they think my child needs disciplined for something, and that I'll always ask for their side of a situation before I overreact! I want them to know that I care and that I commit to doing my bit of this process at home as well as I can.

But most of all I want them to know that I'm praying for them, that I've been praying for them all summer and that I will continue to pray for them all year. I want to let them know that I'm ever so thankful for everything they do, for the effort they put into their lessons and for choosing to do something that I couldn't do. I want them to feel appreciated, loved and prayed for. 

So I write them a note! 

As a classroom assistant I get a first hand look at everything that goes on in school to make it happen for our children, so my challenge to all of you is to take a moment this year and reach out with a heart of gratitude to any teachers in your life. They truly appreciate it. And they'll treasure your thoughts. I'd much rather be remembered as 'that weird wee woman who wrote us notes' than someone who either isn't interested or who only chats to the teacher to complain! 

So get out your notecards and put down a few cheerful and prayful thoughts down for your child's teachers. It makes a big difference in your year. 

I'd love to see your notes so please share!!! 
Keep shining xx 

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