Sunday, 14 May 2017

Strengths and weaknesses...

Good morning! It's a beautiful day outside my window - the sun is shining, a cool breeze is blowing the trees and the birds are singing... a lovely relaxing atmosphere  and perfect for thinking about today's journal prompts. There are two today, so here goes! 

One of my greatest strengths has always been …​

One of my greatest weaknesses that I acknowledge …

Ok... I actually don't like questions like this, but I also know how essential they are. We've just completed our staff review sheets in school and part of that is identifying your strengths and weaknesses within your job. No matter how many times I do it, it never gets any easier. And actually I think the second part of today's prompt is easier to answer that the first! 

I used to feel as if admitting your strengths was like boasting about what you're good at. But that's not it at all. Everyone needs to be aware of what they can do and what they can't. You need to know your limits - what you can do easily and without much stress and what could put your stress levels through the roof. 

But we also need to be able to identify the gifts God has given us to use, and the areas we need to work on with His help. 

So back to the questions... 

One of my greatest strengths has always been …​

I think I have been blessed by being able to encourage people. I try my hardest to put a smile on people's faces - but not in a people pleasing way - and make them feel good about themselves. I want to remind them of how amazing and unique they are and how much God loves them and has exciting plans for them. 

I also love to be organised - especially in school or with my tutoring. I want to be able to know things are done, but then that can lead to one of my major weaknesses... 

One of my greatest weaknesses that I acknowledge …

I am a control freak and need things done in a certain way. Like in school I like to do things like the homeworks because I know if there's a mistake it's my fault and o can fix it - or if we are loading the dishwasher at home - I get annoyed if someone loads it wrong. Very silly things like that just get me, but I also know I have to let the boys learn as well! 

And the other biggest weakness I have is my lazy and stubborn streak. I've mentioned this before several times but if I'm at home and there are lots of wee jobs to do or a tv show to catch up on, guess what you'll find me doing. It's something I'm forever working on because ultimately I want to be able to serve my family in the best way possible and 9 times out of 10 that's NOT going to be done by sitting on the sofa watching a big black box! 

I also want to turn my weaknesses into strengths and I found this wonderful wee picture that I thought I'd share. I'm sorry I don't know where it came from but I think it's inspiring. 

I'm enjoying this journey especially because it's mirroring my own journey of discovery with the help of Christian Guidelines, here in Northern Ireland. But no doubt you'll hear more about that soon!! 

In the meantime, 
Keep shining xx 

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