Saturday, 13 May 2017

Why another challenge?

Staying committed to my 30-day goal is important to me because …

I need to complete it. 

I have mentioned before about my inability to finish anything. I am still just as bad - and I really do try - but always end up not completing the task or challenge, usually because I've sabotaged myself in some way. 

I don't mean to do it. I have the best ideas, the best motivations and the best of intentions but sooner or later it all falls apart. Sometimes it's my lazy streak. Sometimes it's my procrastinating nature. Sometimes it's because it seems to be going too well and I start to panic that it might actually change things. 

Recently - ok not recently but at the start of November - I signed up for a transformation class at a local gym. I love their classes and their set-up. It's very welcoming, with great trainers and such a good laugh! But as I went along and did my exercise classes, lost a bit of weight and started feeling a change in my figure, I got mega-tired, couldn't get to the classes on time to save my life, and ultimately found every excuse in the book why I should stop going. 

It was working. I was enjoying it. I felt different. 

But that was too scary. 

What sort of a person is scared of feeling better and getting healthier or getting on with a great life? 

So that's why I feel, right now, that it's important I keep on and complete this challenge. It may read as nonsense, and I do apologise for that, but I need to get my confidence back up that I can make a difference in my life for the better and actually see it through. 

Oh and you know that change comes from the heart, so that's why I'll be giving this journey completely over to God. I can't do it without Him and I know the end result of His guidance will be amazing! 

Keep shining xx 

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